Established in Manila, Philippines in July 2013 by Marlyn and Dani Montano, a combined tour-de-force in the animation industry, Team App, Inc. is the response to a wealth of opportunities in digital media. 

It all started with the owners conceptualizing mobile apps that will address specific needs of advertisers, a number of whom are existing clients of Holy Cow Animation, a company also founded by the couple that became the predecessor of Team App, Inc.

This initial foray into digital media then fueled the couple to expand the service portfolio of Holy Cow Animation. Since all creative and technology resources are already available, the couple decided to maximize the company’s service capacity by founding Team App, Inc.

In addition to animation for television, film, and the internet, Team App, Inc. develops web and mobile games and applications, interactive and immersive visual technology, and production of audio-visual presentations and commercials for television, cinemas, and the internet.