Most people have a dominant side; a left-brained person is often said to be more analytical and objective, while a right-brained one is more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective. But the measure of real brilliance is not purely based on rationality or imagination. Rather, true genius is in the balance of both sides. And genius is not always born. Sometimes, it is built. 

TeamApp, Inc. is a creative technology provider that balances the LOGIC of programming and technology with the MAGIC of creativity – flawlessly executing unconventional technology-based solutions that truly work. 

Overseen by an experienced management and supported by a solid administrative group, TeamApp, Inc. is composed of creative and technology clusters that work seamlessly work together to deliver best-in-class solutions for all its clients.

The company is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of marketing and operations
requirements such as web and mobile games and applications, interactive and immersive visual technology, animation for television, film, and the internet, multi-platform content, and production of audio-visual presentations and commercials for television, cinemas, 
and the internet. 


TeamApp, Inc. is envisioned to become one of the best and the finest creative technology solutions providers in the Philippines and the world. By offering the latest and most innovative technology matched with unparalleled creativity, the company aims to make the country the ultimate destination for imaginative solutions, redefining the landscape for Filipino programmers and artists. It further aims to significantly contribute to the country’s economic growth, both as a responsible corporate citizen, but also as a catalyst for the business growth of its clients and partners.


TeamApp, Inc. offers expertise in the development of web and mobile games and applications, interactive and immersive visual technology, animation for television, film, and the internet, and multi-platform content. The company is in the business of engaging end-users through tailor-fitted creative and intuitive technology that creates a bridge between the clients and the target market. TeamApp, Inc. provides fresh and original technology-based solutions for specific marketing and operations requirements. It will continue pushing the boundaries of both creativity and logic and in the process contribute to the business growth of its clients across various industries.


Backed by years of experience in creative management with particular focus on the field of animation, Marlyn has successfully led and operated Holy Cow Animation, a company founded by her husband, TeamApp Chief Creative Officer Dani Montano, in 1999. She started her career with Burbank Animation Australia, after which she held management positions in VHQ Dimensions Manila and Toonworks Manila.

Marlyn has a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines. 







Dani’s career in the animation industry started in Singapore before he moved to Australia to join Burbank Animation. When the said company expanded its operation, he was handpicked for the role of Animation Director – Feature Films and Television Series for the Manila office. He furthered his experience in VHQ Dimensions Manila and Toonworks Manila, before starting his own company, Holy Cow Animation, with his wife, TeamApp Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Marlyn Montano.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. In 2006, he completed a degree program in Digital Animation from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, Canada.