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            Unity Development
Ability to do Unity programming.

           3D Animation

Using industry-wide software, Autodesk Maya, TeamApp
is able to produce high quality 3D animation for many
clients, TV commercials or its own project development.

TeamApp is currently working for a client in Europe and
the software requirement is TVPaint. We have more than
60 animators who have been using TVPaint and they
have been trained by one of the main animators of
the movie, Song of the Sea.

         2D Animation

The Animation Director and Supervisors are one of the
pioneers in ToonBoom’s Harmony cut-out and Flash

Flash Animation
Using Macromedia Flash Animation. We have extensive
experience in Flash animation for tv series and interactive

Harmony Cut Out Animation
Using ToonBoom’s Harmony cut out animation to create
animation for TV series or Feature films.

        VFX and Post Production

Using After Effects and Final Cut Pro for post-production.

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